Seventeen 'Player' Genius Featured Guest Scramble

2019. 10. 22. 16:04Korean Celebrities & K-POP

(Photo : Xtvn)

XtvN 'Player' launches Genius II.

The members who received the Genius feature on XtvN's player (directed Shim Woo-kyung, Nam Kyung-mo), which were broadcast last week, turned into a 'face genius', 'smoke genius' and 'music genius', and gave a grin from the opening. Members don't laugh when they parody the memory quiz program Brain Survival! In Brain Survival, he worked with all-time guest corps to solve the basic affairs and fundamental issues.

On October 20th, there will be a corner "People-Trouble Player" with idol groups Seventeen, Won Woo, Seung-Gwan, Dino, Do Gyeom, Hoshi, Jun, and Essex. 'Seventeen' "only selected brains from the team," he vowed to challenge the "player" members, and solve the problem according to the eyes of the children who appeared as a special member. Jin-Ho Lee and Cicada, who are a generational kid with a vocal sound, are said to have filled the scene with a quiz that unexpectedly raises their expectations.

(Photo : Xtvn)

After the ‘Bloodhead Problem Players’ corner where the song and dance feast was held every time the problem was solved, ‘The Less Genius’ begins in earnest following the last broadcast. As Lee Soo-geun says, "What is this heart trembling," the members of the two teams will provide laughter and subtle tension as a brain fight for victory.

First round ‘Strategy! Kim Dong-hyun confidently demonstrates his winning strategy ahead of the “Scissors Rock Paper Scissors”, but Lee Soo-keun acknowledges it as “less Genius”. However, the reversal back door that Kim Dong-hyun has emerged as an MVP in a Jenga game wearing top and bottom flip glasses raises the curiosity about broadcasting.