IZONE's Lee Chae Yeon changes her hairstyle before the comeback.

2019. 10. 16. 15:25Korean Celebrities & K-POP

IZONE Lee Chae-yeon's eye-catching hairstyle changes before her comeback.

Recently, a photo was posted in an online community with an article titled "Fairy Eyes One Lee Chae Yeon."

In the released photo, I arrived at the airport to arrange an overseas schedule. Lee Chae-yeon cut off the existing long hair to the shoulders and dyes it with black hair.

The netizens who saw this said, “It looks very atmospheric. It looks so good ”,“ The black hair looks so good ”,“ Is your sister Lee Chae-Ryung right? It looks exactly the same. ”

Born in 2000, Lee Chae-yeon is 20 years old (ITZY). He was first named SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ and ‘Sixteen’ who was held to select TWICE members.

IZONE, which is gaining popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan, is preparing an album for a comeback in November, which is about seven months after Heart * IZ, which was released in April.