Taeyeon released today's 2nd regular album 'Purpose'

2019. 10. 28. 15:14카테고리 없음

Taeyeon's 2nd album, 'Purpose', is now unveiled today (28th).

Taeyeon's 2nd album 'Purpose' will be released on October 28th at 6pm on Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Cougar Music, Coowoo Music, and other music sites. The title song 'Spark' music video will also be opened simultaneously on Taeyeon's official website, YouTube, and Naver TV SMTOWN channel, which is expected to attract global fans.

'Spark' is an alternative soul pop genre that combines emotional melodies with overwhelming vocals. The lyrics express the metaphorical expression of Tae-yeon's self and vision.

The music video will also catch the attention as it can meet the intense atmosphere of the new song and the daring transformation of Taeyeon.

In addition, this album includes a heartbroken `` Here I Am '' depicting the feeling of loss after a breakup, `` Love You Like Crazy '' with a soulful melody of intense love. Unpublished songs from last year's solo concert, including jazz-based ballad `` Do You Love Me? '' With string sounds and `` Gravity '' (Gravity) It also raises expectations.

In addition, 'Find Me' combines modern piano sound with Taeyeon's powerful vocals, alternative R & B genre 'hahaha' (LOL), which is characterized by a powerful instrument, and blues with a sad mood Rock genre 'Better Babe', R & B pop genre song 'Wine' that compares faith and affection for old lovers with wine, and R & B genre that expresses the excitement of everyday life that fell in love.

In addition to 10 new songs, such as City Love, as well as 12 singles, `` Four Seasons '' and `` Blue, '' which are included only on the album, Taeyeon's deep emotion and wide range It will be enough to feel the music spectrum.