BTS Jungkook's Love Story Tattoo Shop, "To date, threats... hundreds of calls a day"

2019. 10. 16. 15:04Korean Celebrities & K-POP

(Photo : Twitter HocusPocus_jk)

The tattoo shop official who had a devastating spirit complained of pain.

An official of the tattoo shop said on January 13, saying, "It's really hard, so it's hard to endure."

He said, "As I posted on Instagram," he said, "a hundreds of calls came from abroad."

The official unveiled a malicious mocking message that Tatoos poured out after his enthusiastic talk with BTS Jungkook on the official Instagram, which was operated for the promotion and reservation of the tattoo shop. He said, "I've asked you not to say anything at Big Hit."

The official also felt burdened when the article became a topic. "Now I'm going to delete all the articles," he said, even though the phone call revealed a difficult situation.

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

Jungkook visited Geoje Island during his vacation on the 17th of last month, where he met with the staff of tattoo shops, including Tattooist A. When Jungkook was released online on a CCTV certified shot that seems to be backing A, the suspicions were raised that "two people are dating."

Big Hit Entertainment said, “Member Jungkook found out that the tattoo shop acquaintances he had been acquainted with during his holiday visit to Geoje Island were visiting the locals. The contents are distorted and become known. "

A also said, "It's never a relationship with Jungkook," he said. "" (Jungkook) is a good friend. I'm sorry. "