Lee Hyun-Woo is discharged upon completing his military service(10/19, today)

2019. 10. 19. 17:38Korean Celebrities & K-POP

Actor Lee Hyun-woo finished his military life on the 19th. “I finished my military life well. I will show you a good figure. ”

Lee Hyun-woo reported on the morning after about 20 months of military service at the 1st Division Search Battalion in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. Since then, he has made a global impression through his Instagram.

(Lee Hyun-Woo twitter)

Lee Hyun-woo also said, “Thanks to the support of many people, I came back from the military life well. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have come a long way from the early hours. ”

Along with this, Lee Hyun-woo posted a salute photo with a military uniform. The dignity and dignity are felt in his image.

(Lee Hyun-Woo twitter)

Lee Hyun-woo, meanwhile, confirmed the musical movie 'Hero' as a global return. In the play, Ahn Jung-geun (Sung Hwa Jung) and the independent army prepare for the assassination operation. He also looks forward to his mature charm that will be shown through the work.