A wave og mourning over the news of Sulli's death

2019. 10. 15. 13:22Korean Celebrities & K-POP

A mourning wave of celebrity colleagues and fans who loved singer and actress Wong Sully who died suddenly continues.

On the 15th, portal site real-time search words, 'I love Sully' and 'Sulli Peach.' This is a greeting from fans who want to shine beautifully at the end of Sulli.

"Peach" in "Sulli tribute song," a well-known singers IU also entered the country music charts such as Melon and began yeokjuhaeng. "Peach" was recorded in a single, twenty-year-old Spring "IU was released in 2012. This song is famous for IU is to 'think Sulli and create songs. The title is 'peach' because Sulli's nickname is 'peach'. Sulli has appeared in the past, performing arts programs, "IU is" going to come out this song for you 'to me was called' Peach 'I notice. I only had my praise in the lyrics. ”

Sulli's death was so sudden that the public naturally looked to her friend and colleague. The day after Vibo, Sulli's best friend, Kara, singer Goo Hara, posted several pictures with Sulli and said, "As the truth is in the world." Fans who knew they were more friendly than others joined the sorrow, leaving comforting comments on Guhara's Instagram.

Actor Gu Hye-sun, who starred together in the SBS drama ‘Seo Dong Yo’, mourned with the words, “I love you baby well.” ‘Seo Dong Yo’ is the work that Sulli debuted as a child actor, and Gu Hye-sun, who remembers Sulli's childhood, added “sadness” to sadness.

In his Instagram story, Amber, who worked with Sulley, told his Instagram story, "We will withhold all future activities due to recent work."

Kara actor actress Park Gyu-ri also remembered that she was a "pretty and bright child" and remarked, "I hope it will be a generous world for everyone who is hard to express in any way." In addition, actor Kang Ji-young from the same group also remembered Sully, "All your smiles will remember." AOA actress Min-A also said she took a selfie with Sullie and said, "Jin-ri, don't be sick, don't suffer, be happy."

Broadcasters Hong Seok-cheon, Kim Ga-yeon, Yang Jung-won actors Shin Hyun-joon, Bang Min-a, Yoon Se-ah, Ahn Jae-hyun, singer Hyun Jin-young, Sunday, Yoon Hyun-suk, Park Ji-min, Solbi wrote a memorial to Sulli on SNS. In particular, Hari-soo, Yang Jung-won, and Shin Hyun-joon also expressed their anger by leaving a bitter sound to Akler.

Broadcasters such as Mnet's Thumb Body 2, Olive's Chicken Road, and Netflix's Nae Nae's Pesticide Announcement also expressed their condolences by canceling the scheduled program production, and actors Yu Yoo Jung and N Flying also canceled the event. Taeyeon, Super Junior, Super M, and NCT Dream of SM Entertainment also canceled or delayed the schedule. Day Six and Kang Daniel also delayed the release of their content in memory of Wong Sully.

Sulli died on March 14 at 3:21 pm in a rural house in Simgok-dong, Jung-gu, Seongnam. Sulli's manager visited Sulli's house the day before when he couldn't get in touch with him after his last call with him at 6:30 pm the day before he found a fallen Sully and reported it to the police.

SM Entertainment said, “Sulli left us. The situation is so unbelievable and bitter, ”said Sullie's death,“ I express my deepest condolences to the deceased's final journey. ” In accordance with the wishes of the surviving family, both the bureau and the funeral proceedings were decided to be closed.

Sulli debuted as a child actor through the 2005 SBS drama “Seo Dong Yo”. Later, he signed with SM Entertainment and debuted in 2008 as a group F(X) member. 'Red Light' and 'Rum Pum Pum Pum' released many hits.

But Sulli's entertainment was not smooth. Sulli suffered from malicious comments and rumors, and in 2014, she temporarily suspended her entertainment activities complaining of mental pain. The following year, he withdrew from the group, saying he would focus on postponement in August.

Sulli also became an actor by appearing in the SBS drama “To You Beautiful” and the movie “Pirate: Bandit to the Sea”, “Fashion King” and “Real”. This year, she appeared as a JTBC2 entertainment program 'Affliction Night' MC, and she showed off her versatile charm.