Ku Hye-sun "I wanted to break Ahn Jae-hyun.", Deep Confession SNS

2019. 10. 11. 21:43Korean Celebrities & K-POP

(photo source : koo's instagram)

Actor Koo Hye-sun revealed why she has been exposed to her husband Ahn Jae-hyun in a divorce lawsuit.

Below writings in her instagram.


It's strange.

In his life, he wasn't faithful to his marriage, he was aware of suspected affairs, and if he thought he had driven him crazy, even though he had committed violence during the week.

Frankly, I was tired of housework and didn't care much about him. Obsession was the opposite. He would have endured me too, but the divorce notice was too harsh for me who had endured him.

I wanted to continue to show it as a sns that people would feel betrayed by the fact that they had been preparing for divorce with the company for a long time.

But living together for three years was not always something we hated each other. For a long time we were pretty and happy with each other. So this situation was difficult to understand.

The divorce case is ongoing and takes a long time. I hated him and wanted to be broken. Now that I have done enough to do my job, I might buy some. Now he will not appear here. Because you don't love him anymore.