EXO fandom warning "Group action if no answer for request by 18 days"

2020. 1. 17. 18:44Korean Celebrities & K-POP

The rumors surrounding Chen are spreading online after the vocal Chen (real name Kim Jong-dae, photo) of the nine-member idol group EXO delivers the news of her marriage and pregnancy with her girlfriend. As a result, the official fan club said, “I was seriously injured by Chen's own activities.” He also sent a statement (pictured below) to SM Entertainment, his agency, asking for his exit.

EXO's official fan club 'EXO-L ACE Alliance' (hereinafter referred to as EXOEL) issued a statement on the 16th and said, "Chen's arbitrary actions brought a huge loss to the group image called EXO." "We are backing out our support and asking SM to leave Chen's team."

In an open statement, Exoel noted the negative effects of his dogmatic actions, saying that Chen had to unilaterally announce the marriage and pregnancy news in a handwritten letter on the 13th, and that many fans had to be deeply shocked.

EXO's image of the exo group itself, which is reflected to the public, has been seriously damaged. He is eager to withdraw and said it will raise uncertainty about exo's future activities.

In addition, Exoel pointed out the irrationality that the rest of the members suffered from the controversy in the statement, and asked SM to manage the portal site search terms to protect the exo members.

By 18 days from the end of the statement, if there is no answer to the request of SM Entertainment, he warned that he would hold a direct or indirect protest and ordered, "Make wise judgment for the artist."

A statement issued by the EXO-L ACE Alliance, the official fan club of the group EXO, on March 16, including Chen's request for exit from SM Entertainment. Provided by EXO-L ACE Alliance

In a handwritten letter (pictured below) posted at a fan cafe, Chen said, “I have a girlfriend who wants to be with me for life.”

SM also said, "Chen met a precious relationship and got married." "The bride is a celebrity, and the wedding will be held privately with the family."

Subsequently, he announced the official statement, “I will return to work hard as an artist after marriage.” Chen's marriage was a true story.

After the news, some of the fandom congratulated Chen, saying, “I'm embarrassed about the sudden announcement, but I'm congratulating you.” However, many fans said, "I was disappointed in Chen's marriage," and said, "I forgot my trust with the fans."

Some fandom rumors have also been on the rise.

"But Chen's girlfriend is seven months pregnant," "Che has already had a cathedral wedding," and there are rumors. A picture with a bed, etc., spread along with the explanation that it is assumed to be Chen's honeymoon house. The so-called “Jirashi” (private information magazine) that the bed is worth 53 million won has attracted attention.

SM says that the rumor is spreading online about Chen's marriage.

Written by EXO vocal Chen (real name Kim Jong-dae) on the fan cafe on the 13th. Through this, she shared the news of her marriage and pregnancy with her girlfriend. Online community capture

Chen, the exo main vocal, made his debut in April 2012 with the release of “MAMA”. Since then, he has become a leading idol in Korea with hit songs such as 'Rurung', 'Addiction', and 'Wolf and Beauty'.

He also worked as a unit group Chen Baxi, and released his first official solo album last March. In the same year, he opened a YouTube channel and posted various cover songs, making him a key artist in SM.

The SM side, which said it will support his activities after Chen's marriage, is focusing on how to make decisions on Exoell's public demands.